The journey to an impeccable yard begins with a meticulously crafted plan. Explore how The Great Outdoors Landscaping can help you turn your dream into a reality with our consultation options below.
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How We Can Help You

Engage in a consultation with our Residential Landscape Designer on-site, who will guide you through your landscape design and our array of landscaping services. There's absolutely no obligation to purchase, and our insights are complimentary. Book one of our consultation options today and explore The Great Outdoors.

Booking Options

Complimentary Consultation

This option is a fantastic opportunity to meet with our landscape designer. You'll get to discuss your project in detail, share your ideas, and understand what solutions we can offer to bring your vision to life.

Grading Consultation

This service is specifically for clients facing negative grade and drainage issues on their property. We will assess the situation, identify potential problems, and propose effective solutions. This consultation is essential for those needing expert advice to rectify grading issues and prevent future complications.

Senior Designer Consultation

This consultation allows you to engage with a Senior Designer who has a wealth of experience, having worked on a minimum of 100 projects. They will visit your site, provide seasoned insights, and offer innovative design solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Owners' Consultation

An exclusive opportunity for you to consult directly with the owner of The Great Outdoors. This premium service offers you the chance to leverage the owner's extensive knowledge and experience in landscaping. It's ideal for clients seeking top-tier expertise and personalized attention for all their outdoor needs.

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From serene garden retreats to vibrant entertainment areas, partner with us to transform your dreams into reality and craft the perfect outdoor space!